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Elevate Your Space with Elegant Treatments

Window and Door Dressing Services

At Alx Gunn Interiors, we understand that windows and doors are not just functional elements of your space; they are also opportunities for creativity and style.


Our Window and Door Dressing services offer a wide range of elegant and functional treatments, from curtains, blinds, and shutters to door dressings for French and patio doors. Whether you're looking to enhance your interior design or simply complement your existing decor, our expert consultants are here to help you find the perfect window and door solutions.

Our Window and Door Dressing Services

1. Curtains: Curtains add a touch of luxury and warmth to any room. We offer a vast selection of fabrics, patterns, and styles to suit your taste and interior design. Our consultants will work with you to choose the perfect curtains that provide privacy, light control, and aesthetic appeal.

2. Blinds: Blinds are a versatile window and door treatment that offers both style and practicality. We provide a wide range of blind options, including roller blinds, Roman blinds, and Venetian blinds. Our consultants will guide you in selecting the best blinds to match your decor and meet your specific needs.

3. Shutters: If you're seeking a timeless and classic look, shutters are an excellent choice. Our shutter options range from traditional wooden shutters to modern composite materials. We'll help you choose shutters that not only enhance your space's aesthetics but also provide privacy and light control.

4. Door Dressings for French and Patio Doors: French and patio doors deserve attention too. We offer door dressing solutions that not only enhance the beauty of these doors but also provide practical benefits such as privacy, insulation, and light control.

5. Consultation Based on Your Interior Design: Our experienced consultants can work with you to incorporate window and door dressing into your overall interior design plan. We'll consider your existing decor, colour schemes, and style preferences to create a cohesive and visually pleasing look.

6. Local Artisans and National Businesses: Depending on your budget and preferences, we collaborate with both local artisans and national businesses to source and install your window and door treatments. This allows us to offer a wide range of options while ensuring quality craftsmanship.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Advice: Our team of window and door dressing experts has a keen eye for design and a wealth of knowledge about treatments. We'll provide you with expert advice to make the best choices for your space.

  • Customisation: We believe that window and door treatments should be as unique as your home. Our customisation options ensure that your dressings are tailored to your style and functional needs.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Whether we work with local artisans or national businesses, we ensure that your treatments are of the highest quality and built to last.

  • Budget-Friendly Options: We offer solutions to accommodate a wide range of budgets, ensuring that you can achieve the look you desire without breaking the bank.


Get Started Today

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your windows and doors with our Window and Door Dressing services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experts. Whether you're looking to refresh your space, complete your interior design, or dress your French and patio doors, we have the expertise to provide elegant solutions that will transform your home.


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Alx Gunn Interiors Window Dressing Concept Reference 02
Alx Gunn Interiors Window Dressing Concept Reference 03
Alx Gunn Interiors Window Dressing Concept Reference 04
Alx Gunn Interiors Window Dressing Concept Reference 05
Alx Gunn Interiors Window Dressing Concept Reference 06

Inspiring Curtain and Blind Ideas from Our Preferred Suppliers

These beautiful curtain and blind examples are a showcase of the exceptional craftsmanship and design expertise offered by our preferred suppliers. We believe in recommending the best to our clients, and these images represent just a glimpse of the stunning options available should you choose to work with our trusted partners. For more information or to explore these design possibilities, feel free to contact us. 


Fee based on work required. 

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