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Elevate Vacant Spaces with Our Exclusive Furniture and Furnishing Rental Service

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 We stage your property ready for sale.

Full-Service Staging Packages

At Alx Gunn Interiors, we understand that a well-dressed property has the power to captivate potential buyers and tenants alike. Our Furniture and Furnishing Rental service is designed to transform vacant residential properties into welcoming, stylish spaces that leave a lasting impression.

Diverse Styles for Every Property: Whether you have a one-bedroom city apartment or a sprawling country estate, our extensive inventory of luxury furnishings and furniture offers a wide variety of styles to suit all types of properties. We handpick each item, ensuring top-quality selections that align with the unique character of your space.

Tailored Staging Solutions: Our expertise in property staging allows us to offer tailored staging solutions to meet your property's specific needs. We understand that every property has its distinct charm, and we're committed to enhancing its appeal through our carefully curated furniture and furnishings.

Short-Term and Long-Term Contracts: We cater to both short-term and long-term rental contracts, offering the flexibility you need to meet your property's staging requirements. Whether you need a three-month rental or an extended arrangement, we have you covered.

No Third-Party Rentals: Unlike some staging companies that rely on third-party rental companies, we take pride in managing our extensive inventory in-house. This means you'll always receive the highest quality furnishings and furniture directly from our team.

Full-Service Staging Packages: Our Furniture and Furnishing Rental service extends beyond providing rental items. We offer full-service staging packages that include furniture delivery, setup, and removal when your staging period is complete. You can trust us to handle all the logistics, leaving you with a hassle-free experience.

Bespoke Inventory Curation: For clients with specific tastes or unique property requirements, we offer bespoke inventory curation. Let us know your vision, and we'll curate a selection of furnishings and furniture that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Get Started Today: Ready to elevate your property's appeal through our "Furniture and Furnishing Rental" service? Contact us today to discuss your property's staging needs. We're here to turn vacant spaces into inviting homes that leave a lasting impression on potential buyers and tenants.

Unlock the potential of your vacant residential property with Alx Gunn Interiors. Our Furniture and Furnishing Rental service is your key to showcasing your property in the best possible light.


Simply send a copy of floor plans, plus a few details about your requirements including advised staging start & end dates and will get back to you with a fixed price quotation.
Rental terms start with a minimum 3 month contract. 



We believe in providing clear and flexible pricing options that cater to your unique property staging needs.

Our carefully curated furniture and furnishing packages include everything required to turn an empty property into a potential buyer's dream home.

Our flat-rate packages:

1-Bedroom: £950.00 per month

2-Bedroom: £1,175.00 per month 

3-Bedroom: £1,400.00 per month 

4-Bedroom: £1,625.00 per month 

Please note that these figures are based on a minimum rental term of 3 months, Discounts may apply for longer rental terms; please feel free to request a custom quote. Additionally, please be aware that there will be additional charges for curation/planning, as well as furniture delivery and collection. These costs will be included in your quotation once we have your property's address and a project timeline.

Luxury Show Home Staging:  We also offer Luxury staging packages for property developers, to explore our Show Home rental range and learn more about this service please click here.

We are committed to providing flexible solutions to meet your staging needs, whether you prefer our premium luxury packages or our more budget-friendly standard residential options.

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