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What is Home Staging & How does Home Staging work?

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

First Steps..

The initial Alx Gunn Interiors - Home Staging (Pre-Sale Property Staging) process starts with discussing your requirements for the project. It helps at this point if you can send over a few images of your home or a link to a previous or current sales listing; floor plans are particularly useful if you have those too.

We will then be able to discus what type of services you will require as these vary in size and scale for every property.

You may be looking for professional staging advice on the best course of action for your property, what maintenance and redecoration issues need addressing prior to listing, or it could be that you are looking to sell your vacant property and are looking for professional staging furniture and furnishings.

Hands On or Hands Off...

Every home and situation is unique and no two staging projects are ever the same. You can also choose to be as hands-on or off as you like. For this reason if you would like to manage the staging process yourself, we offer a service unique to agi Home Staging, the budget friendly agi DIY Home Staging Plan, where we create for you, your very own room-by-room bespoke staging plan, detailing your complete do-do list, everything from house maintenance & redecoration, through to itemised shopping lists and furniture & furnishing placements.

The Walk Through..

When possible we always like to be able to meet with you in person at the property, or if you are living abroad, or unavailable, we will arrange to meet your agent on your behalf to conduct a 'Walk Through'.

The walk though is our opportunity to take a buyers eye view of your home /property, take note of any potential stumbling blocks that the seller may not be aware of (obstructed doorways, historical water stains etc), our core objective as stagers, is not to give potential buyers ANY room to haggle down the listing price. Will also take note of all key room measurements and take photographs to help us plan your staging project.

Final Steps..

Once all this information has been gathered we will discuss with you your options, and based on your budget & time scale, work with you to create a plan that suits your bespoke requirements.

Why choose agi Home Staging?

We have staged for sale properties of all sizes, from vacant city apartments to large scale detached country homes, we love a challenge and have even successfully navigated the pre-sale makeover and staging of a large six bedroom town house in Central Brighton, stretching over five floors, working respectfully around five home schooled children, two work-from-home parents and their dog, the whole project took 4 weeks start to finish, but resulted an over the asking price offer the same week after listing. (All pictures in this post are from that particular project)

Alx Gunn Interiors - Home Staging & Interior Design

London, Sussex & Kent

Main Service Areas: Brighton | Worthing | Hove | Eastbourne | Hastings | Haywards Heath | Burgess Hill | East Grinstead | Uckfield | Crowborough | Tunbridge Wells

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